Brayda Business Management Services

Are you keen to increase your revenue, put smarter and more effective processes in place, reduce your costs or make the most of limited resources, whether time, money or people? If so, we’d be delighted to help.


We’re here to help business owners, managers and leadership teams with:

  • support, advice and guidance
  • practical management input
  • strategy and planning
  • implementing new projects
  • or day-to-day administration.

You can pick and choose the services you need and the way you want to work with us. We’re happy to work on short or long-term projects and to work alongside you or become acting business managers or administrators. And what’s more, there is no ongoing commitment and no retainer fees to pay.

We know that the business aspects of running any organisation can be stressful and time-consuming for people whose real passion isn’t in management. So whichever options you go for, our aim is always to take stress and workload away from you, leaving you free to get on with what you do best and enjoy most.

Here are a few examples of ways we help clients:

KPI recording and reporting

Measuring the performance of your organisation against key performance indicators (KPIs) is an essential element in monitoring and driving its success. But do you know what to measure, how to measure it or how to interpret the metrics?

We can help you set relevant KPIs, gather the data, understand it and, most importantly, drive improvement.

Operational management

Do you have a clear idea of what you need to achieve on a day-to-day basis and whether you’re achieving it? We can help you develop annual operational plans and schedules and apply our organisational skills to support you in ensuring all the relevant actions are carried out when they’re due and within the targets set.

We can also help to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your organisation by tweaking existing processes.

Business plan and strategy formulation

Do you have a cohesive plan in place for the next financial year? And do you know where you want your organisation to be in five years and how to get there?

We’ll help you identify objectives, make workable plans and develop strategies and tactics. We’ll then agree targets to measure your performance against, to help ensure your organisation continues to succeed in the long term.

Cash flow forecasting

Do you know what you expect to spend in the next year, what revenue you’re likely to generate and what your bottom line will look like by the end of it?

We’ll help you develop a robust cash flow forecast, looking at every area of spend and how to make the best use of the resources you have to generate the revenue you need. We can then put actions in place to keep your organisation performing in line with the forecast and delivering the profit you need to achieve.

Sales and marketing

Do you know everything you need to know about your customers and whether the services you offer meet their individual needs? We can help you understand your target markets and work with you to develop integrated marketing campaigns that will engage the right people and inspire them to action.

We can also help you develop cohesive sales and marketing plans and processes and maximise your existing resources to achieve your sales or revenue targets.

Project management

Whether you’re launching a new service or planning a refurbishment, finding the time and resources to manage the change can be challenging for any small organisation.

We can ease the transition, taking charge of every aspect of the project from outset to completion, working alongside your team to ensure everything goes smoothly.

Governance and legislative compliance

Do you have a manual that ensures your organisation is run efficiently and in accordance with the relevant regulations?

If your policies and procedures are incomplete or out of date, we can help. We’ll carry out a thorough review of your documentation and, in the process, identify any missing information and work with you to fill the gaps. We’ll then help you keep your documents and processes updated as the regulations evolve.


Does your existing team have the time and enthusiasm to carry out all the administrative duties required to run your organisation efficiently day-to-day?

If not, we can help to ease the burden by taking on tasks such as producing and sending out letters, handling customer surveys or organising events.